Associate Program

Associate Program

Associate Program

What distinguishes us as a company is our meritocratic, result-oriented ownership culture and flat hierarchy. Our employees see themselves as co-entrepreneurs, because we meet at eye level - from trainees to partners. Our 7-stage Associate Program allows every ISD FENIQS employee to become a co-entrepreneur, to participate in the company's capital and to participate financially in the joint success.

Our 7-Step-Participation-Program

A unique partnership model

The highest level in the Associate Program, partnership and ownership, is open to anyone who takes on extensive leadership responsibilities and, due to their performance and ability, makes an exceptional contribution to the growth of the company and the further development of its employees. Our partners shape the future of our company with great determination and achieve sustainable economic success. They also serve as role models and lead with passion and inspiration.

Why an Associate Program? Why do employees participate in capital?

If you are only looking for a job, you will also find it with us. But those who also have entrepreneurial potential, are looking for opportunities to help shape the company and are willing to take responsibility for joint success will find the right challenge and the right perspective for personal growth in our team.

Entrepreneurship is essential to shape and secure the future success of ISD FENIQS as a company (GmbH). However, the incentive to true entrepreneurship can only be created if top performers also participate in the capital. Our associates are therefore co-entrepreneurs in the truest sense of the word.

How do employees benefit as participants in the Associate Program?

As associates, our employees not only receive a fixed salary plus a performance-related bonus, but also a return on investment depending on the size of their investment. This means that they benefit directly when the company makes higher profits.

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