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Donation Run of Appenheim for the benefit of the Schiffman family

Participation in 1st Donation Run of Appenheim for the benefit of the Schiffman family

Ludwigshafen, May 24th 2018 – On May 19th numerous employees of ISD GmbH participated in the 1st Donation Run of Appenheim to financially support the family of a longtime colleague.

There are challenges in life that make other huge seeming problems look only trivial. From birth on the care-dependent twins Lukas and Pascal have been relying on a wheelchair. With increasing age of the two now 16 year old twinbrothers, the challenges in the family’s every day life are also growing and getting harder to deal with.

To take some pressure off the family and to fulfil their wish for a wheelchair-accessible mini van diverse donation campaigns had been initiated. The final campaign was a donation run, organized by a private initiative named „Appenheim actively helping“ (orig. „Appenheim hilft aktiv“). Here of course ISD GmbH - participated actively.

Each lap for a worthy cause

„After the colleagues of our branch in Mainz had drawn my attention to this splendid action, it was absolutely clear to me that we will also make a contribution to support the family of our colleague Andreas Schiffmann“ said Ralf Trautz – CEO of ISD and participant of the run. No sooner said than done! Saturday of Pentecost weekend he and 16 other colleagues encircled the Appenheim sports ground 466 times. They supported and motivated one another, for with each lap the donation amount of ISD rose. „Two of our employees made 59 and 54 laps, which almost amounts to the distance of a half marathon“ appreciated Ralf Trautz.

In total all participating male and female colleagues of ISD GmbH acquired by running a donation sum of 1,400 EUR, with which they support family Schiffmann financially.

From colleagues for colleagues

After the attention of all the staff had been drawn to the donation run, there were numerous requests from employees, which were, due to timely reasons, not able to participate in the run, but wanted to support the family in another way. Due to this an in-house donation can was arranged for. This was presented to family Schiffmann during the event by Ralf Trautz himself – representing herewith all the colleagues of ISD.

Donation Target achieved

Due to a considerable number of sponsors and the registrations for participation in the event, it became apparent already beforehand that the donation would be sufficient to comply with the wish of the family. As a result it was possible to present a wheelchair-accessible mini van to family Schiffmann already after the donation run. Overwhelmed by the willingness of all participants to help, the family now wants to use the rest of the donation sum for the installation of a swiveling bath tub lift.

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ISD - Industrie Service für Datenverarbeitung GmbH is since its foundation in 1994 a consultation- and service specialist in the IT sector. From two locations 140 employees look after worldwide operating enterprises, after public authorities as well as medium-size companies. Besides, ISD unites the flexibility of a medium-size company with the efficiency and the know-how of a large-scale enterprise.


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