Industrial IT

Industrial IT: Find optimization potential

The digital transformation of your production and lab environment

IT is much more than a necessary technical tool: It is the fuel for genuine and sustainable company success – provided that you know how to exploit all its possibilities and use them effectively.

Our specialists analyze how much optimization potential Industrial IT can deliver; for example, how can production and laboratory environments be effectively aligned with Industry 4.0 by means of digitization, the IoT and automation? Develop new business models with us – for sustainable effectiveness in your business processes.

Process and Architecture Engineering

Your production infrastructure – our expertise

We design your individual ‘SmartFactory’ with you. The ISD expert team advises you and plans a tailor-made production-oriented IT infrastructure for you – in your own environment.

Your data sources –
our engineering

Use our engineering experience for the professional planning and integration of the systems and ISD FENIQS know-how for data integrity and data security.

Your processes –
Your visualization

Get the best possible insight into your processes! We will support you with the evaluation and presentation of data from a broad range of sources – and with the achievement of your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) goals.

Your request –
our implementation

As your partner, we will provide you with comprehensive advice on infrastructure implementation for your production environment. Benefit from the many years of experience of our experts in pharmaceutical, chemical, automotive and other producing sectors.


This is what we can do for you:

  • Consultancy on systems for the acquisition, archiving, visualization and analysis of data from many sources (process control systems, laboratory information systems, etc.)
  • Consulting on the integration and implementation of different systems with different data sources
  • Documentation in a regulated environment

MES Manufacturing Execution Systems

The closer your company and production levels are interlinked – keyword ‘Industry 4.0’ – the more opportunities will open up to increase the productivity and competitiveness of your company. The automation of important processes towards the creation of a ‘smart factory’ minimizes time and costs.

In these days of automation and IoT, the demands on system integration, on production-oriented IT solutions and IT-based technologies are correspondingly high. Our expertise and experience will enable us to implement forward-looking technologies for you... and it is this that continually drives us forward.

What is MES?

Icon Betriebsdatenerfassung

Operational data acquisition

Reduce production times, optimize processes ... If you want to make your company efficient in the long term, you need data. Comprehensive, secure, meaningful and usable data, on the basis of which sustainable success models for production and IT can be built.

With ISD FENIQS, you have a competent engineering partner at your side – a partner who will support you reliably and professionally with planning and with the integration of your systems for the acquisition of operating data.

  • Planning your production environment with a view to the operating data
  • Consulting on interface concepts between automation and IT
  • Development of IT integration plans for the digitization of operating data on-premises and in the cloud
  • Design of new business models based on acquired operating data
  • Visualization and optimization of your OEE
Icon Energiedatenerfassung

Energy data acquisition

Who are the main consumers in your company? How much energy do you need for downtimes, idle times and unused energy recovery? Consumption meters reach their limits on questions like this. Professional energy data acquisition provides you with solid numbers for your controlling and for savings and investment decisions.

Build on our experience in integrating energy systems and their visualization. We are ready to serve you – as your interface between energy data collection and IT.

  • Consulting and analysis, adaptation of energy data acquisition systems to the IT infrastructure
  • Advice on the digitization of existing metering infrastructures (analog and digital)
  • Creation of measuring point concepts for integration with the IT
  • Selection of energy data acquisition systems
  • Evaluation and reporting of energy data acquisition


Is your production already highly automated? The digitization of a production-oriented infrastructure opens up advantages along the entire value-added chain, whether in machine monitoring or production logistics. Profit from the know-how of our experts when it comes to aligning your company with Industrial 4.0 and IoT. We’ll be there for you, through planning and implementation to support.

LAB IT Services

Research-specific applications, individual network topologies and laboratory processes ... system requirements are seldom as diverse as they are in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. Thanks to our many years of industry experience, we form the interface between IT and the laboratory. We speak your language, understand your business. We offer you full digitization know-how and daily support – so you can concentrate on the essentials.

Smart Data Analytics

Your data reveals more than you suspect at first glance. It resembles a rough diamond, which only reveals its true value after appropriate honing and polishing. Thanks to Smart Data Analytics by ISD FENIQS, data can be used profitably, and it can also be used specifically for process optimization – to tailor your services even more meaningfully for your customers and users for instance.

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