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Does this scenario sound familiar? You have an enormous amount of important data, carefully compiled using spreadsheets – but it’s no use to you for making strategic decisions, because it can’t be validated and because it can’t be matched up. A lot of work for a minimal result.

What should you do if standard software can’t even begin to tackle your specific tasks? There are two ways to go here: 1). Sometimes common software can be adapted by fine-tuning it until you get the results you want, but you’ll need a lot of expertise to do that. 2). Sometimes only an individualized solution will lead to the best result.

ISD FENIQS offers you both solutions: We will refine IT applications for you that have already proved themselves in the market. Or we’ll develop unique software for you, custom-made to match your requirements perfectly, whatever you decide you want. With ISD FENIQS, you have a partner at your side who can make your vision a success – from the needs analysis to development, implementation and maintenance.

Software Requirements Analysis

  • We’ll analyze your structures and requirements to find optimization potential – then we’ll really get to know your requirements in workshops with different stakeholders.
  • Your ideas and requirements then flow into a specification.

Web Application Development

  • You should always be able to expect effective, reliable software solutions to meet your needs.
  • We create functional, tailor-made web applications.
  • Our specialists will identify areas of optimization in your company and develop automated workflows for you.


  • Integrate customers and employees into your company’s existing systems.
  • Access your data easily – whenever you want, wherever you are, using smartphones and tablets.
  • ISD FENIQS will give you support and solutions for all mobile platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Mobile.

Our Topics in Software Development

Icon Mobile


Access important data and control your processes on the road: Thanks to the smartphone and tablet, mobile apps can be used practically anywhere and anytime, so you remain connected to your system when you’re away from your office on business.

Icon Web-Anwendungen

Web Applications

With web applications, all users always have the latest version – without installation and independent of their operating systems. The software is available remotely on a server that can be accessed by all the devices which then use the application as a copy.

Icon Service-Interfaces

Service Interfaces

Do you have several systems in your company that can’t communicate with one other? We’ll connect them for you with a service interface, either by implementing adapters or middleware, depending on how many systems are involved.

Icon Migration


Simply take your historical data with you – in new applications. We will support you in the transfer through structure adjustments and the transformation of your data.

Icon Analyse


We will systematically determine your requirements in discussions and workshops together. We will familiarize ourselves with your structures and business processes and make individual optimization options based on the information we acquire.

Icon Spezifikation


We will provide you with a software requirements specification that describes all your requirements completely, unambiguously and without contradiction. This specification covers technical and special aspects and forms the foundation for the implementation of your new software.

Icon Management


During implementation, requirements are monitored and controlled. Our experts will decide which requirements are to be prioritized or negotiated, they will assess the risks and take over the change management.

Icon Management

Load Testing

We are putting your software to the test -  on request, even before going live. Extensive load tests provide you with detailed results and indicate specific sources of error. The perfect base to jointly develop solutions which guarantee optimal accessibility and functionality of your software.

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