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Mobile working with smartphone, tablet, app and cloud – the modern working environment offers almost unlimited possibilities far away from the desk and the filing cabinet. Assuming of course that your employees can use these new technologies securely and easily, get the necessary performance out of them and master the rapidly growing amount of data and assets at the same time.

ISD FENIQS will provide you with solidly-designed workspace management solutions, that will help you master the challenges of digitalization intelligently and equip your workspace for the future.

Icon Enterprise Service Management

Enterprise Service

Human resources, supplier management, technical services – for too long companies and public authorities regarded them as pure cost centers. With Enterprise Service Management, you can now measure and monitor the services of your departments. Their value becomes quantifiable, expenditure can be justified and evidence of profitability can be provided.

The tools and methods of ITIL-based Enterprise Service Management can be used in various business processes – an application for service users, and internal and external service providers. This use results in synergy effects, which ideally automate individual process steps. And you can ultimately increase the efficiency, quality, and manageability of not only every single service, but of your entire organization.

Icon Software Asset Management

Software Asset

Are you familiar with this scenario? Software for various purposes is stored on servers, workstations, mobile devices, in the cloud – and it simply devours licensing fees. Other applications are used frequently, but they’re not even licensed. Pointless costs arise – and if software vendors check the licenses, the company may have to pay a stiff fine. Software Asset Management (SAM) gives you an optimal overview of your software assets and their use and your licenses and their status.

SAM maps the complete life cycle of hardware assets, enabling more efficient deployment and better service processes. It makes all the expenditure for software and hardware and information on suppliers and company departments totally transparent. It’s a perfect basis for uncovering company-wide savings potential and for being fully prepared for possible manufacturer audits.

Icon Unified Endpoint Management

Unified Endpoint

Who actually manages hybrid devices? Used as desktop PCs, do they belong to client lifecycle management (CLM) – and do notebooks and tablets come under Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)? The answer is no and no. The most diverse terminals can be managed conveniently and economically via one common application: Unified Endpoint Management. It brings the advantages of CLM and EMM tools together on a central console.

ISD FENIQS uses solutions in Unified Endpoint Management – solutions that are intuitive to use and which enable you to quickly and effortlessly manage an unlimited number of devices, applications and services.

Icon Identity & Access }Management

Identity & Access

Security versus ease of use? Today, mobile work must offer both. The fact that employees can access company data with a very wide range of different devices carries enormous risks. On the other hand, users want access which is easy and not complicated by cumbersome logon processes with different passwords or URLs.

Modern, web-based identity and access management provides mobile access with the highest security standards – and with intuitive and uncomplicated handling. It allows you to control access to workspaces, apps, and business data via a centralized environment. Personal access rights can be provided immediately and withdrawn just as quickly.

Icon Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device

Your employees probably use mobile devices with different operating systems, using the company cellphone for business and private calls, and sometimes even their own smartphones (BYOD, Bring Your Own Device). Our experts offer you device and workspace management solutions that will allow you to manage the use of all mobile devices via a common application. Regardless of whether the device runs on operating systems from Apple, Google or Microsoft.

Corporate and personal data remain neatly separated and protected in accordance with your compliance rules. You can activate specific security features, depending on the user, device and operating system – and you can manage applications via integrated mobile application management. Mobile Device Management gives employees uncomplicated, protected access to their usual work environment – in the shortest possible time and without having to wait for the elaborate manual operations of their IT colleagues.

Licensing and Asset Management

Everyone needs it, but hardly anyone has it – an accurate overview of the software licenses. Expensive paid programs are often available in companies, but no one uses them. Other licenses remain freely available. Or it could be that your software is under-licensed – and that can cause legal trouble and incur considerable re-licensing costs.

Holistic license and asset management covers all essential data and gives you full, company-wide transparency – at the touch of a button.


Icon Umfassende Produkterkennung

Comprehensive Product Identification

Intelligent software identification accurately filters out license-relevant products. A good basis for keeping the ongoing costs for your license management operation as low as possible.

Icon Bestandskonsolidierung

Inventory consolidation

Companies and public authorities often use several inventory technologies. The reason behind this is that they have to cover different platforms in one network. This is where a central repository can be very advantageous, because different inventory data is merged and software products are named uniformly in it.

Icon Intelligentes Repositoring

Smart Repositories

Automatic composition is the distinctive feature of intelligent repositories, in which the most diverse workflow and tool components are gathered in a highly-structured manner. Intelligent repositories detect these components dynamically and automatically, enabling them to be inserted into complex work processes and configured.

Icon Dynamische Software-Erkennung

Dynamic Software Identification

License management is ineffective without reliable data – cast-iron numbers are only generated if the data quality is good. ISD FENIQS' specialists will provide you with license and asset management equipped with dynamic software identification. This covers all commercial and technical assets, consolidates them and enables their evaluation.

Icon Compliance- und Management-Berichte

Compliance and Management Reports

Our experts will provide you with comprehensive support in the development of a ‘license management’ organizational unit. All your important information flows into this unit and is then processed, controlled and forwarded – as a compliance or audit report, for instance. This information can include commercial, technical, and process data, from licensing models to CMDB data and guidelines.

Icon Lizenzoptimierung

License Optimization

Which licenses do you really need? Which software is more suited for a volume license than a single-user license? Our solutions enable you to keep track of all critical licensing data and manage IT assets during the entire software life cycle, safeguarding licensing requirements and reducing ongoing software costs.

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