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Project success, solid data management, our own private cloud and simplified asset inventories: In-house technologies and solutions by ISD FENIQS will pave the way for the digital future of your company.


Your data center, just the way you need it. Anytime.

With LUCAAS, ISD FENIQS’ own managed private cloud, we offer you a data center that adapts perfectly to your needs, and in which applications, data, servers, networks and more can be managed. Flexible, scalable and as per the highest security standards.

Logo apexOne

The highly-variable solution for successful project management.

Based on MS SharePoint, apexOne enables you to manage all your projects company-wide via one central platform. Choose the performance modules you need – and profit from a project management solution that’s exactly tailored to your business processes.


Taking inventories has never been easier. With MAMI by ISD FENIQS, you can collect and manage assets, users, entire workstations and locations – via mobile devices on site!

enterprise:inmation as a Service

One namespace for all: with enterprise:inmation, you can manage the most diverse data of your company uniformly and in real-time, be it process values or alarm, performance and log data.

Nuclos as a Service

How to automate your business processes – easily and conveniently. The Nuclos modular software kit can be used to develop the most complex special applications – all the way to your customized ERP system.

Workplace as a Service

Renting instead of buying often pays off in the world of IT. Workplace as a Service by ISD FENIQS gives you hardware, software and infrastructure from one single source, with just the quantity you need, all fully insured, up-to-date – and with costs that are transparently-calculable.

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