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enterprise:inmation as a Service
enterprise:inmation: data management in real time

enterprise:inmation as a Service– Data Management
in real time

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enterprise:inmation bundles your data under one roof.

With enterprise:inmation, you can process, process, historize and unify your process values and your alarm, performance and log data, creating a namespace that’s uniform throughout the entire system.

With enterprise:inmation, a real-time data management system, you can view your historical data via various views such as Data Studio and/or Visual KPI at any time. On request, higher-level systems of your company, such as ERP or BigData Solutions can also be given data access via standard interfaces.

Conveniently manage, enhance, and export your data using the DataStudio graphical user interface.

Thanks to the embedded script language Lua, you can implement simple or advanced calculations and carry out automated configuration and your own customizations.

Further information about enterprise:inmation is available on the web page of the manufacturer.

Your benefits with ISD FENIQS

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enterprise:inmation combines the most diverse data in a single namespace – Classic OPC, OPC UA, RDBMS, TXT and XLS.

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Using the graphical user interface, you can easily manage, enhance, and export your data.

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This embedded script language enables individual adaptations and an automated configuration.

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