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Mobile Asset Management Integration
MAMI: Stocktaking with a mobile device

Stocktaking with a
mobile device – with MAMI

MAMI... Mobile Asset Management Integration for all your stock.

No more error-prone manual input, clipboards and barcode scanners – the ISD FENIQS app MAMI allows you to access your assets with a mobile device. Whether it's desks, your car fleet or an entire site, you can now scan your inventory easily and right on site.

Your advantages with MAMI by ISD FENIQS

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QR Code

Create your own QR code labels. You decide on the data you want to see on the labels – including logo or image. Then just print your labels out on any printer.


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You record your technical and non-technical assets and integrate them directly into MATRIX42 Asset Management. You scan the QR code with the mobile device, synchronize the data and process it company-wide.

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MAMI Phone App

We customize the user interface of the MAMI Phone-App to match the needs of your users. Since MAMI is multilingual, the app is ideal for use on foreign sites – and you can use your smartphone camera to add images to your assets. You can also assign additional rooms or users to your assets and upload the data via WLAN or via direct access in your Matrix42 Workplace Management.

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